1.Faster Printing Speed

The LEAF DTF printer make your printing business more efficient with its outstanding performance. Its sophisticated printhead system combined with the high speed printing engine can complete a large number of high-quality printing jobs in a short time, greatly improving productivity.


2.Excellent Printing Quality

LEAF DTF printer not only have outstanding speed, but their printing quality is also first-class. Using advanced printing technology, both text and images can be printed clearly and fully, with bright colors and rich layers, to meet your needs for high-quality printing.


3.A Wide Range Of Applicable Materials

Compared with DTG printer and sublimation printer, LEAF DTF printer can not only break through the limitations of the first two printers, but also can do a wide range of applications, such as: can be applied to:

  • polyester, (Known as polyester.)
  • nylon, (lighter in weight and easier to carry and use.)
  • Lycra, (Lycra is a man-made stretch fiber)
  • denim, (It is a thicker color woven warp twill fabric.)
  • Other fabrics.

It can be said that the DTF printer is the “universal printing machine” in the clothing industry.

4.Easy To Use Interface

LEAF DTF printer interface design is simple and intuitive, so that even non-professionals can easily get started. At the same time, the machine also supports a variety of file formats, which is convenient for you to transfer and edit files.


5.Superior Stability And Durability

LEAF DTF printer adopts high-quality materials and advanced production process, which ensures its ultra-high stability and durability. Even under long-time and high-intensity working environment, it can ensure good running condition and provide stable support for your printing business.


6.Environmental Protection And Energy Saving

LEAF DTF printer has good energy-saving performance while printing efficiently. Its low energy consumption design can reduce energy waste, and at the same time reduce the impact on the environment, in line with the needs of modern green printing.


7.Good After-sales Service

We provide comprehensive after-sales service, including equipment maintenance, technical support, ink supply, etc., to ensure that your DTF press is always in the best condition. Our professional team will be dedicated to help you to ensure the smooth running of your printing business.

To summarize, LEAF DTF printer brings unprecedented advantages to your printing business with its outstanding speed, quality, applicable materials, operator interface, stability, durability and environmental performance. Choose LEAF DTF Printer to take your printing business to the next level!