LF-6080(Double station, more efficient!)

Dimatix industrial print heads are stable, durable, and more saturated in color

LF-4050(Single workstation, simple and convenient, printing out brilliance.)

24 hours stable production, Sustainable work,Green raw maferlals,no emission pollulian,in lne withenwironmental assessment standards

3/4 Pcs Dimatix Industrial Heads DTG Ink Jet Digital Printer


Industrial print head to ensure speed and quality

White and colorful colors come out at the same time, offering 17.6 million colors. Automatic edge reduction, precise alignment, and queue production make it simple and user-friendly.

Single Station Direct to Garment Printer With 8 Industrial Heads


Simple & Convenient operations, beautiful print results.
Professional garment printing software.
Low-cost ink usage.
Variety of materials able to print: T-Shirt, Cap, shoes, canvas bags, etc.

We are a comprehensive digital printing solution provider for the textile industry.

For more specific requirements or additional models, please get in touch with our sales representatives. They will be able to provide you with further assistance and information.

“DTG” printing process:


Comfortable Texture: DTG printing typically uses water-based inks, which result in a softer and more comfortable texture on the printed garments. Compared to traditional printing methods, DTG printing does not create a thick layer of ink on the fabric, allowing the fabric to maintain its original softness.


Good Breathability: The ink used in DTG printing can penetrate the surface of the fabric fibers and form a thin film, allowing the garments to maintain good breathability. In contrast, certain traditional printing methods may create a thicker ink layer on the fabric surface, affecting breathability.


High-Quality Printing: DTG technology enables high-resolution and detailed printing. It can reproduce complex designs, gradients, and fine details on garments, resulting in realistic and intricate prints.


Versatility and Personalization: DTG printing allows for the creation of personalized and customized garments. You can print custom designs, photos, text, or artistic designs on garments according to specific requirements, catering to individual preferences.


Environmentally Friendly: DTG printing with water-based inks is more environmentally friendly compared to traditional printing methods. Water-based inks do not contain harmful chemicals and have a lesser impact on the environment and human health.

What can a DTF printer do?

Unlimited fabrics, pure cotton, blended fabrics, denim, bags and oxford cloth, etc. can be printed., The most common use is on T-shirts, schoolbags, handbags, pillows, gift bags, shoes, hats and various fabrics. Hot stamping is a very popular printing process. It can be printed in one piece or mass produced, which is more suitable for the current personalized customization and DIY customization market.




Throw Pillow


Mouse pad

Canvas shoe