DTF printer

(prints directly onto film)

DTF Technology

What is it?

Direct-to-film printing, known as DTF, is a heat-transfer-based print technology.

The process begins with water-based pigment ink printing designs onto a transfer film(PET),which is then covered with a thermo-adhesive powder(TPU) and transferred with a heat press to the final substrate.

The application of DTF printing is huge, one of the most common items created by DTF printing is T-shirts, always in high demand,T-shirts can be made for various purposes from schools to sports to other organizations. Besides T-shirts, DTF printing can alsocreate pockets on hoodies or shirts, hats, printed tags, shoes, jeans/pants, bags, flags, banners, koozies, and other fabric items.However, the DTF solution is more complex than the process described.

The printing process at least includes three pieces of equipment: an ink-jet printer, a powder spray and shaking machine, and a heat press. Also, the consumables use the digital ink, transfer film, and the TPU powder. Those factors constitute a systematic engineering, every factor needs a professional selection and makes the best matching total solution with the best quality and reasonable costs.


Labor saving: one person can watch multiple machines, and complex processes such as screen pulling, plate making, plate printing, sizing, plate moving, cloth laying and receiving are eliminated.


Easy to operate: you only need to know a little about the computer,Environmental protection: no water, no smell, no smoke, no dust, no pollution, green and environmental protection


Single printing: one can be printed, suitable for small batch of online orders and personalized customization,Bright color: high color saturation, pure solid color, delicate and realistic pattern

DTF Printer E Series

Solution positioning: For new entry DTF printing customers, with small orders and workshops.

Model: LF-370i

Printing Width: 37cm/14inch

Print heads: 2pcs*Epson i1600-A1

Printer + Shaker + Purifier

Model: LF-720i

Printing Width: 60cm/24inch

Print heads: 2pcs*Epson i3200-A1

Printer + Shaker + Purifier

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DTF Printer M Series

Solution positioning: Mainstream DTF printing solution for experienced players.

Model: LF-720A

Printing Width: 60cm/24inch

Print heads: 2pcs*Epson i3200-A1

Printer + Shaker + Purifier

Model: LF-740A

Printing Width: 60cm/24inch

Print heads: 4pcs*Epson i3200-A1

Printer + Shaker + Purifier

H Series

Solution positioning: For higher precision and gradient detail color printing.

Model: LF-570i

(Printer & Shaker 2-in-1)

Printing Width: 60cm/24inch

Print heads: 2pcs*Epson i3200-A1

Model: LF-740SF

(8 Colors with Fluorescent color)

Printing Width: 60cm/24inch

Print heads: 3pcs*Epson i3200-A1

Advantages of DTF


Environmental protection, no waste disposal


No stroke, no hollowing, no need to open the board,

one piece starts printing


Small floor space, one person working


The pattern is ultra-thin, soft and elastic


Don’t worry about color deviation and firmness


Suitable for any fabric, low cost

What can a DTF printer do?

Unlimited fabrics, pure cotton, blended fabrics, denim, bags and oxford cloth, etc. can be printed., The most common use is on T-shirts, schoolbags, handbags, pillows, gift bags, shoes, hats and various fabrics. Hot stamping is a very popular printing process. It can be printed in one piece or mass produced, which is more suitable for the current personalized customization and DIY customization market.




Throw Pillow


Mouse pad

Canvas shoe


What are you going to do?


Choose a machine that suits you



Buy dtf ink, print film and hot melt powder

consumable material


Use computer to design or process patterns

Computer processing


Use printer to print finished products

Print finished products


Press the cut pattern with a press

Hot stamping machine


Complete all kinds of T-shirts, bags and other fabrics

Perfect application