Elevate your printing experience with our range of inks: Dye-Sublimation, DTF, and UV inks. Whether you desire vibrant and saturated colors or rapid drying capabilities, our inks excel in every aspect. Infuse your creations with vitality, capturing lifelike hues and astonishing details on paper, fabric, and beyond. Choose us to illuminate your world of creativity!

High-Density Sublimation Ink

Vibrant and Long-Lasting with Rapid Drying.

Elevate your printing experience with LEAF’s water-based sublimation ink (mid-concentration)


Durability and Wash Resistance: Through a special sublimation process, the ink permeates the fibers, imparting high levels of lightfastness and wash resistance to the images.

Rapid Drying: Certain sublimation inks boast rapid drying properties, enhancing production efficiency.

Environmentally Friendly Formula: Our eco-friendly sublimation inks reduce the use of harmful chemicals, promoting a greener approach to printing.

Elevate your printing experience with LEAF’s high-concentration water-based sublimation ink.


Revolutionizing Color Depth: Experience a revolution in color depth with our high-concentration sublimation ink, pioneering a new era of vibrant hues. Immerse yourself in the rich, intense colors that provide unparalleled depth and saturation, transforming images into vivid reality.

True Color Reproduction: Our ink’s high concentration ensures true-to-life color reproduction, rendering details with astonishing realism. It’s as if the real world comes to life within your printed creations.

Expansive Color Gamut: Harness the power of high-concentration ink to unlock a wider color gamut, revealing an array of shades, gradients, and variations. Let your prints showcase an entire spectrum of possibilities.

Discover the pinnacle of industrial printing with EPSON’s S3200 printhead dedicated industrial ink

EPSON S3200 Printhead Specialized Industrial Ink


Precision and Consistency: Achieve sharp and consistent results with every print, ensuring your industrial applications meet the highest standards.

Exceptional Durability: Built to endure harsh conditions, the S3200 ink maintains its vibrancy and integrity, even when subjected to rigorous industrial settings.

Fast Drying Formula: Maximize production efficiency with the ink’s rapid drying properties, allowing for swift output and reduced turnaround times.

Wide Substrate Compatibility: From various materials to challenging surfaces, the S3200 ink delivers remarkable performance, making it ideal for diverse industrial needs.

Fade-Resistant Excellence: Enjoy long-lasting color retention, as the S3200 ink resists fading, ensuring the longevity of your prints even under exposure to external elements.

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DTF Ink, Ignite Creativity and Paint the Future!

PB Series, Vibrant Colors, Even Brighter White Ink


PB Series, vibrant colors, even brighter white ink. It not only brings you astonishing color saturation but also features a unique white ink formula, making white printing purer and brighter. The printing effects of the PB Series make every detail blossom, adding visual impact to each project. In our world, colors and white ink are not just printing materials; they are the boundless starting point of creativity.






“Inject creativity, unleash colors! Crystal Label Ink (UV DTF ink) takes you into a world of limitless printing possibilities. Vibrant colors, lifelike textures bring your design to life. Whether it’s t-shirts, hats, or home decor, our ink infuses your creativity with enduring vitality. With unique UV technology, colors remain vivid and fade-resistant even in sunlight. Choose Crystal Label Ink to illuminate your imagination, showcase individuality, and create distinctive printed art!”