About Us


LEAF, Blooming the flower.

At the year of 1998, Miss Betty YE graduated with a marketing bachelor’s, then entered the digital print field, one of China’s forerunners in the digital print field. 

After more than 10 years of development, the “Guangzhou First Leaf” founded by Miss Betty has been famous in the textile digital print and China’s textile digital print solution was more and more mature. At that time, Miss Betty met Mr. Aimin Yang, who graduated with an MBA and worked for some famous China groups,  they established “Bright Leaf International”, then started the internationalization process of outputting high-quality with good price China textile digital print solutions to global markets.

Just as the name of “Bright Leaf”, we always select the products and total solutions of the best quality at a reasonable price for customers under the rules of sincerity, promise, and professionalism, and based on our standard of “TECH–advanced and stable, ECO– society sustainability, Fashion — popular and lovely”. We are keeping to developing updated products and total solutions, so now besides sublimation printing, we are also providing DTF printing, DTG printing, and UV printing to different fields.

Thanks to many years of support and growth from our thousand’s global customers, we have gained plenty of experience in international operation, marketing, and technical services. “Human-oriented and share growth” is our core value, we work hard for customers growth with our mission:

Infinite printing, Brighten your life.


Unify Fashion, Tech and Eco to provide the best digital printing solution to our customers (machines, ink and paper) and the best lifestyle for the end-users


People are unique, they deserve unique clothes Our customers are unique, they deserve a unique solution


LEAF brand Exclusive High Quality, especially for exclusive customers.


High precision, High speed, High fashion, one LEAF standard, for infinite application and market adaptation.


TECH Advanced & Stable
ECO Friendly
Fashion Lovely