EPSON S3200 Industrial Sublimation Printer

  • High speed,
  • High stability,
  • High cost performance.

DTF consumables

Superior quality and exceptional results for your printing needs

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Cost-effective
  • Compatible
  • Durable

Our Products

Continuous development of newer products

Printing Width:37cm/14inch
Print heads: 2pcs*Epson i1600-A1

Printing Width:60cm/24inch
Print heads: 2pcs*Epsoni3200-A1

Printing Width:60cm/24inch
Print heads: 2pcs*Epson i3200-A1

Printing Width:60cm/24inch
Print heads: 4pcs*Epson i3200-A1

Printing Width:60cm/24inch
Print heads: 3pcs*Epson i3200-A1

Printing Width:60cm/24inch
Print heads: 2pcs*Epson i3200-A1

Printing width :300mm
Epson printhead *2 pcs

Print Width:600mm
Epson i3200-U1 * 3 pcs

LEAF Innovation 

Keep  going & innovating

In recent years, the textile industry printing systems have been changing from conventional printing to digital printing, which makes customized services and flexible production to be realized, contributing to socially sustainable development with faster reaction and eco-friendliness. Based on the continuous research of the market demands and the technology trend, LEAF has a unique understanding of the right products and defines them with the best total solution, which provides the selected printing equipment and matching consumables. Considering the customer’s valuable and long-term production investment, the solution should be effective and durable at a reasonable and affordable cost. Besides the above, the continual development of our global distribution sales, service, and support network is the key point of our business philosophy, and the customer-centric approach is adopted accordingly. From LEAF-China to LEAF-Turkey, LEAF-Thailand, LEAF-Germany, LEAF-Italy, and our qualified agents in different markets, the “LEAF Family” network is growing for our global customers.

Enterprise Profile

 blooming flower and brighten your life

Bright Leaf International, since 1998, is well recognized as an international enterprise group devoted to digital printing total solution development for textile & apparel fields. Thanks to many years of support and growth from our thousands of global customers, we have gained plenty of internationalization experience and good reputation.


Enterprise Mission

Infinite Printing Brighten Your Life


Enterprise Vision

Be a Famous Fashion Provider


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Advanced & Durable Technology

ECO Friendly and Fashion lovely


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DTF Technology What is it?

The digital printing industry has experienced rapid growth in recent times, with more and more organizations moving to DTF Printers.

The use of DTF printing allows you to obtain simplicity, convenience, and consistency in performance with a wide range of colors. The textile industry predicts that DTF printers show massive growth in years to come, it believes that more and more companies will join the DTF printing technology for all its benefits.

So, you can say that DTF printing practically helps you lift all restrictions of the traditional commercial printing processes. Moreover, since you do not require any pre or after treatment in most cases, DTF printing offers you savings on the overall printing costs, which can provide high-profit margins.

In addition, as a well-known professional printing provider, LEAF has updated the DTF printing to the 5th generation, which is now a more reliable and cost-effective solution to realize long-term and stable mass production.

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